TrACE.AI Mobile App

Recording is made easier for fishermen through TrACE.AI’s Mobile App! With its artificial intelligence, species detection is fast and automatic! It’s just SCAN, SNAP, AND SEND for catch recording.

TrACE.AI Web App

With TrACE.Al’s Web App, government entities such as the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), local fisheries managers led by LGUs, and regulators can record, manage, and update in real-time their local data on seafood catches.

TrACE.AI Marketplace

Through TrACE.AI Marketplace, seafood traceability is made more accessible! Exporters and distributors are given access to only legally compliant providers, and consumers are empowered to support a sustainable seafood market!

Donate for the Digital Blue Planet

We want to launch a seafood traceability data center to benchmark the database for the catch documentation and traceability for small fisheries and aquaculture production utilizing the TrACE.AI Seafood Traceability System. 
Our goal is to:
  • Jumpstart the TrACE.AI Data Center in two fisheries landing ports in Bataan (Orani & Mariveles)
  • Benchmark the fishermen profiling and catch and production documentation in the Orani & Mariveles, Bataan
  • Support the training of fisheries data collectors and market masters for real-time catch documentation using our TrACE.AI mobile app
  • Incentivize fishermen, data collectors, and aquafarmers who are providing catch and production information
How It Works
TrACE.AI Mobile App
TrACE.AI Web Platform

Donate for the Digital Blue Planet