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Who are we?

Cawil.AI is an industry-agnostic artificial intelligence solution that provides AI driven business solutions integrated to web, mobile application, and industry automation. We focus on computer vision artificial intelligence to impact decision making for businesses, and to create an inclusive society.


To provide quality, reliable, and accurate data to expedite AI technology for a wide variety of business and industry solutions.


To provide AI solutions to preserve biodiversity, livelihood, and environment; reliable and  unbiased data analytics on demand.


Web & Mobile Application

Provides a customized AI tools for robotics, autonomous vehicle, environmental safety compliance and “internet-of-things” for better decision making.

Internet of Things

AI- integrated web and mobile application for on-demand business analytics and seamless automation.

Artificial Intelligence

Data labeling tools for tagging, classification, moderation, and processing. Business application for the autonomous vehicle, environmental safety compliance and “Internet-of-Things”.


AI-integrated cloud services that complement the workforce to bridge the “human-in-the-loop” configuration allowing synchronous operations anywhere, anytime.


We provide a customized AI-driven analytics platform based on your business needs. Deploy your system to cloud infrastructures for seamless automation.

Business consulting for smart cities, sustainable development and Internet-of-things implementation.

Customized, intuitive web and mobile application development for a wide variety of business and industry applications.

Automate your business operations with AI-driven analytics and cloud solutions tailored to your clients and market.

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Most Innovative Sustainable Development Solution 2021
ITC SheTrades Hackathon 2021
Runner Up
Best AI Cross-Platform Application Development Firm 2022 - South East Asia
X-Pitch 2022

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