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ai integrated mobile and web applications Platforms

SyREN Reproductive Health Supply Chain App

SyREN (Systematic Reproductive Engagement Network) is a online telemed and supply chain app for reproductive health products which were made finalist for ReachHealth Innovation Challenge. The solution provides a mobile app platform that provides a convenient way to access (over-the-counter) contraceptives for the pilot stage via technology that is more personalized and unbiased.

Transpik Digital Finance Gamified App

Transpik Digital Finance is an app for transaction online that solves the financial inclusion when it comes to cashing out money in the remittance centers. This was made in the PhilDev Financial Inclusion Challenge. The solution provides a mobile app platform that provides seamless transactions to cashout their money without going to the mainland. Our app works in 3 easy steps: Transact, Capture, Earn Points.

Internet of Things Projects


An electronic Catch Documentation and Traceability app that automatically identifies species of Tuna with estimated length and weight. This mobile app can be used for traceability for environmental management.

Customized Drone Analytics

CAWIL.AI has partnered with one of the leading drone providers in Singapore, Drone Solutions Pte. Ltd.. Providing advanced Aerial Drone Analytics platform designed specifically for UAVs. It enables AI analytics for traffic management and crowd data especially during pandemic and other community hazards.

Real-Time Contact Tracing

Our Data Analytics algorithm can be customized to a specific implementation like attendance monitoring (facial recognition) non-biometric, risk management for corporate and health care providers. It is perfect for pre-installed CCTV Cameras to detect the Social Distancing of the area.

CAWIL.AI provides AI-Integrated solution to combat COVID-19 and to adapt to the new normal.

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