Catalyst: Opening Doors & Creating Impact

From GIST Network

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is a singular opportunity for the exchange of economic priorities and practices at the highest level. What occurs at APEC events can have huge impacts on one of the most populated regions in the world, with nearly 3 billion people calling the APEC economies home. 

Cherry Murillon, Founder and CEO of CAWIL.AI won 3rd place in the APEC Catalyst Pitch Competition for TrACE.AI- An AI-powered catch documentation and traceability software for fisheries combats illegal fishing, a critical issue in the Philippines. Its traceability system reduces carbon footprint and ensures sustainable seafood, safeguarding both marine ecosystems and fishing industry integrity.

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FAO AI4DBP – Cawil.Ai -Digitization of catch origin landing declaration in tuna fisheries

From Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

TrACE.AI by Cawil.Ai is a mobile app which takes pictures of the caught tuna, giving estimated length, weight & geo-location. TrACE.AI integrates a smart management platform where the information is uploaded and sent to brokers/buyers and exporters, presented by Cherry Murillon-Cubacub CEO of 

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P43M worth of R&D grants extended to 14 startup firms

From Manila Bulletin

DOST-PCIEERD Executive Director Dr. Enrico Paringit said the funding assistance under their Startup Grant Fund Program seeks to help the Philippine economy bounce back and at the same time, provide avenues for startups to promote their cross-cutting technological products and services.

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Bridging the Gap between Virtual and In-Person Trade Shows

From Startups Magazine

“This year’s virtual Collision made it possible for my startup to participate, as part of the show’s massive global network, to get made my company known on this side of the planet,” she [Cherry Murillon] said. “The Philippines is not particularly known in the AI and machine learning industry, however, in this virtual conference we are able to showcase capabilities and at least drive awareness from other virtual participants; especially possible investors.”

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How leveraging a corporate innovation challenge helped CAWIL.AI fuel its growth

From e27

This deep tech startup’s corporate innovation journey is an insightful puzzle piece in the bigger corporate-startup narrative That is why we are so thrilled to sit down with Cherry Murillon of Philippine-based CAWIL.AI, one of the startup finalists of the first Aichi co-creation challenge. This open innovation programme gathered several global participants, over 40 of which came from the diverse pool of startups within the e27 community.

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101 Innovative Web Development Startups worth a follow in 2021

From The Startup Pill

CAWIL.AI is an artificial intelligence company that artificial intelligence focused on computer vision to train machine learning models for automation. We are humbled and honored to be part of 101 Innovative Web Development Startups to see in 2021.

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CAWIL.AI provides Data Labeling and Annotation to Train Machine Learning Models for Businesses, Internet of Things, and the Environment

From TechCompanyNews

CAWIL.AI is more focused on AI applications through IoT and manufacturing automation. A lot of manufacturing companies are converting to automation due to the recent pandemic and it is high-time to convert legacy manufacturing to industry 5.0. Providing better production while upskilling manpower for AI adaption. The recent development is the AI-powered Contact Tracing and Social Distancing System.

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We want to thank JICA 青年海外協力隊事務局, DTI Philippines, PSIA & @PADECO for a successful Philippine ICT Online EXPO 2021. CAWIL Data Analysis Services (aka CAWIL.AI) was one of the exhibitors and featured companies. We were able to meet promising companies who are open for partnerships and product development. We look forward to fruitful business engagement! #digitaltransformation #ICT2021

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AI-powered contact tracing system in talks with LGUs, establishments

From Business World

CAWIL.AI Solutions, an industry-agnostic artificial intelligence (AI) social enterprise, is in talks with the local government units (LGUs) of Calapan City and Quezon City for pilot testing a contact tracing system that will help offices and public areas enforce health protocols—such as physical distancing and the wearing of face masks and face shields—to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)…

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Congratulations to Cawil.Ai Founder/CEO for graduating from Founder Gym Cohort 14 and also Google for Startup scholar.

We are proud and honored to be the only Asian Startup from the Philippines to graduate on this Cohort. Our goal is to be a world-class company for Computer Vision & Ai.

Founder Gym is an American-based fundraising accelerator that supports underrepresented founders.
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21 Filipino Social Enterprises Receive $215,000 Support for COVID-19 Innovations


CawilAl proposes an automatic contact tracing system specifically using real time social distancing and PPE complying data set integrating artificial intelligence and surveillance technology. They seek to implement this initially in high people density areas in Metro Manila areas specifically in partnership with the local government units and eventually the Department of Health. 

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