About us

About Us

We have extensive experience in computer vision and analytics in maritime and environmental inspection. We customize our platform and tooling to meet the unique requirements for specific projects that impact the decision for business application, the Internet of Things, environment, and to create an inclusive society.

CAWIL AI enables people to adopt technology that creates an inclusive society and sustainable resources.

Our goal is to help humanity understand artificial intelligence. And, to develop a safe environment for biodiversity, livelihood, and sustainability.

Our Story

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will require a massive amount of information to be labeled and cleaned up by humans before it can be processed.

Data labeling/annotation is the foundation of Artificial Intelligence, the knowledge gap from 15 years ago and the data today has widened into a chasm. The only way to continue riding the wave of is to turn to “human annotator” as the only reliable source of ground-truthing, human knowledge is the best way to train data.

CAWIL.AI provides its own data labeling platform for the most essential part of any AI application in the industry; reliable and accurate.

CAWIL.AI also provides training and education services to compliment the need for human annotators to effective and more human decision making. 

Our Impact

We want to create impact through Sustainable Development Goals through AI-enabled training that is a job that low-skilled participants coming from rural communities will be able to perform. AI data labeling has an increase in demand for the past years and human intervention has an important role in teaching machines how to understand information.

Annotate. Automate. Integrate.

CAWIL.AI provides AI-Integrated solution to combat COVID-19 and to adapt to the new normal.

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