About us

About Us

We have extensive experience in computer vision and analytics in maritime and environmental inspection. We customize our platform and tooling to meet the unique requirements for specific projects that impact the decision for business application, the Internet of Things, environment, and to create an inclusive society.

CAWIL AI enables people to adopt technology that creates an inclusive society and sustainable resources.

Our mission is to help humanities understand artificial intelligence. Our vision is to provide AI solutions to preserve biodiversity, livelihood, and environment; reliable and unbiased data analytics on demand. Our solutions address Sustainable Development goals:

Our Story

Artificial intelligence is playing a growing role in business solutions, that shift in the behavior of companies operating in finance, cityscape planning, geological and hydrological research, and insurance value on real property estates. These are unexplored applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the industry shift as we move to industry 5.0.

Our core team has more than 20 years of combined experience in building AI products and services from research to commercial application. Providing State-of-the-Art AI tools. The technical team is rooted in AI-based academic research and with experience in cybersecurity and autonomous systems. We bring AI technology from the lab to life through our AI-driven tools that can be integrated into web and mobile applications for industry automation.

CAWIL AI has its own customizable AI tools for most essential parts of AI applications in the industry; reliable and accurate. Our competitive advantage is our ability to provide an intuitive and customizable platform and analytics that utilizes different resources including satellite imagery and analytics systems.

Our Impact

We want to create impact through Sustainable Development Goals through AI-enabled business solutions and environmental management by providing AI technologies that automatically identifies patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart sensors and devices generate. We will empower our grassroot communities of AI technology that are beneficial, impactful and sustainable communities. We also provide training for AI adoption for the future of work as we integrate AI in business operations.

Annotate. Automate. Integrate.