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Cawil.AI is an industry-agnostic artificial intelligence platform. We use computer vision to impact decision-making for business applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), environment, and create an inclusive society.


To provide quality, reliable, and accurate data to expedite AI technology for a wide variety of business and industry solutions.


To become a leading AI company in the ASEAN region delivering quality AI services and solutions that empower businesses as well as communities.

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Data labeling tools for tagging, classification, moderation, and processing. Business application for the autonomous vehicle, environmental safety compliance and “Internet of Things”.


Provides a customized platform for robotics, autonomous vehicle, environmental safety compliance and “internet of things” for better decision making.


Human Resources Training enables the workforce to utilize the data labeling to be able to bridge the “human-in-the-loop” configuration to train, attune and validate specific data and models.

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